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Core Blockchain Outruns Competition, Bringing Web 4.0 and DeFi 2.0 via CoDeTech

Category: Blockchain6 min read

Core Blockchain Web 4.0

The recently released Core Blockchain represents the next step in this area of tech.

For years now, people have been musing about what is the next best thing in blockchain technology or which project can bring about the long-awaited revolution. Unbeknownst to all of us, there has been a project in development that has been flying under the radar for years now and that might just bring about what all these projects have been promising.

It all began nine years ago, when Michael Loubser, Ockert Loubser, and Rastislav Vašička met for the first time and discussed developing a commercial platform with an integrated payment gate system. Blockchain technology provided an answer to how this vision could be projected into reality. One thing led to another, and the now founders were proud to present the Core Blockchain network earlier this year, which seems to be the most advanced, secure, scalable, and affordable blockchain network in the world to this date.