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Core Blockchain Future, Genesis Allocation, and the Evolution of DAO Structures

Category: DAO9 min read

Charting the Future

In the spirit of transparency pivotal for any blockchain technology, it is of utmost importance to be familiar with the genesis block and where the assets sprouting from it are allocated.

In this article, we will shed some light on the initial allocation of Core Coin (XCB) from the genesis allocation into the DAO structures of the CORE FOUNDATION and elaborate on what the road holds for the future of Core Blockchain ahead.

Why the XCB HODLER App is Secure - A Guide for Non‑Technical Users

Category: Software3 min read


Read through the ABCs of the XCB HODLER app and what differentiates it from other crypto wallets.

When engaging with our application, designed as an interface for importing Core Blockchain wallet UTC files, you can rest assured that security has been our foremost concern. In the digital currency realm, where assets are invaluable, ensuring their safety is paramount. We've meticulously implemented several measures to certify our app is both efficient and among the safest options available. Let's demystify these security features: